(Frequntly Asked Questions)

Does the hit with a paintball paint hurt?

It's difficult to answer, everyone perceives pain differently. Much depends on the distance from which you get hit, the place where you get hit etc. In any case, our clothes and mask provide a sufficient protection. We'll adequately introduce you the security measures before the game starts.

What do I need to book a paintball game?

It is always necessary to specify on which day you want to play, at what time and at least the approximate number of your fellow players. You also need to provide us with a phone number so we can later reach you to discuss the details.

What to bring to a paintball game?

Good humor and sturdy shoes (preferably high) - we'll borrow you the rest.

Is the game limited in time?

It is not. You can play as long as you want - as long as you're having fun, or you run out of ammunition.

How early do I have to book a game?

We recommend to book your game at least 1-3 weeks in advance - otherwise it may happen that the given field will be already booked by someone else.

How many people are needed for a single game?

Minimum number of people is 4. Of course, the more the merrier - in greater numbers you'll have much more fun. However, if you are unable to find the minimum number of people, contact us and we will try to connect you with any of the other groups.

How many paints will I use up?

Someone can manage a whole day with just 200 paints. Someone else will struggle to get below 1000 paints. It's all about how well you aim and how patient is your trigger finger. Should you run out of paints, you can whenever purchase extra (1 paint = 1 CZK).

Can I play paintball even in bad weather?

Yes, you can play in any weather - inside covered sheds.

Can kids play paintball?

Yes they can. For children younger than 15 we require a written parental consent.

What is a paintball paint made of?

The ball is substantially thin-walled gelatin capsule filled with a colored, water soluble, easily washable, and biodegradable, non-toxic mixtures of food colorings, vegetable oil and soap detergent. It is produced on the same machines as vitamin preparations or other drugs.

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