What we offer

We organize paintball events for groups of people large and small at our location or at a place of your choosing.

Whether you are a bunch of friends, a group of workmates or kids on a school trip, we will provide a unique experience for you. You only pay us for the equipment and the fired ammo – you can play all day, there are no time limits.

What will it look like?

  1. We will show you how to use paintball rifles properly.
  2. We will explain all safety rules to you.
  3. We will provide equipment for the game (rifles, masks, balls, gloves, overalls).
  4. We will help you split up into two teams which will play against each other.
  5. Both teams will be differentiated by easily visible coloured strips worn on the sleeve.
  6. You will be free to choose the type of game (e.g. Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, VIP, etc.) which you prefer.
  7. Our experienced staff will take care of you all the time.

Paintball is here for all those who are not afraid of a little sweat to have a thrilling experience

Are you a group of friends?

Paintball is a dynamic sport which helps unite a team using physical activity. You can come and play in our two arenas or at 14 grounds or we will help you organize a paintball event at a place of your choosing.

Paintball is:

  1. suitable for beginners
  2. easy to understand and learn
  3. ideal for collective fun

Are you looking for corporate entertainment?

Strengthen the relationships between your employees or with your important business partners. We will organize for you a private paintball event for an unlimited number of participants with all service and instructions included. Anywhere in the Czech Republic, any day of the week.

Paintball can:

  1. improve communication and organizational skills
  2. eliminate accumulated stress and negative emotions
  3. break the ice and forge bonds between the individual players

Are you planning a school trip?

Paintball is an ideal way to help individuals find their role in the collective and practice clear communication. Players learn to react quickly and rely on each other. This is not just any school trip.*

* Parents’ written consent is required for players under the age of 15.

Paintball can:

  1. build cohesion of a classroom collective
  2. improve physical fitness
  3. deal with the current crisis period and improve interpersonal communication


Only cash payments are accepted, credit card payments are not possible.

Do you wish for something special?

We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you or create a program according to a budget you specify in advance.


Is there anything else you would like to know?

We may have an answer to your question right now. Look at what people ask us about most often.


Gift Voucher

Do you really want to warm someone’s heart? Give them a Paintball Arena gift voucher. You can buy it in our online store.

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